FCL Transport

IUM LOGISTICS provides fast and safe transport services in local areas of Vietnam via reliable transport companies.

Considering various types of container and the qualities of import and export cargos, we provide the best transport services
by distributing suitable equipment case by case.

Our company has established a transport management system, best suited for obtaining more competitive power possible to secure cost with transport companies, by securing bulk supplies
of clothing and sewing materials.

Container chassis trailer

Flat bed trailer

Low bed trailer

Module Transporter

LCL Transport

IUM LOGISTICS provides safe and competent services through operating its own transport trucks (LCL trucks).
Our company provides affiliated companies and local factories in Vietnam with urgent raw materials transport services including general export and import cargo services.

  • General container transport services (20’DC, 40’DC, 40’HQ)
  • Special container transport services (Flat bed trailer, Low bed trailer, Module Transporter)
  • LCL truck transport services (1ton, 2ton, 5ton, 8ton, 10ton, 15ton)
  • Domestic overland transport services (Southern, Central, and Northern district)
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